DevOps Engineer - JPMorgan
  • Houston, United States
  • 1-800-935-9935
16 Feb 2022
Information Technology
2-4 Years
Job Description

As a member of our Software Engineering Group, you will dive head-first into creating innovative solutions that advance businesses and careers. You’ll join an inspiring and curious team of technologists dedicated to improving the design, analytics, development, coding, testing and application programming that goes into creating high quality software and new products. You’ll be tasked with keeping the team and other key stakeholders up to speed on the progress of what’s being developed. Coming in with an understanding of the importance of end-to-end software development-such as Agile frameworks-is key. And best of all, you’ll be working with and sharing ideas, information, and innovation with our global team of technologists from all over the world.

 Strengths and Capabilities;

  • A DevOps mindset
  • Comfort with frequent incremental coding, testing and deployment
  • Experience with leveraging SCM and CIT tools
  • A zeal for automation, able to identify opportunities for automation, where it will bring tangible ROI
  • Ability to work across teams, re-engineering processes to achieve results
  • Advanced knowledge of system telemetry, with demonstrable experience of using several different industry tools and bespoke solutions, to instrument a system
  • Proficiency in one or more programming languages, particularly Java J2EE
  • Understanding of software skills such as business analysis, development, maintenance, and software improvement
  • Proven experience of working to support users using an enterprise platform. Working to identify themes and issues and driving them to resolution.

Our Corporate Technology team relies on smart, driven people like you to develop applications and provide tech support for all our corporate functions across our network.



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