HR Project Advisor
  • Montreal, Canada
  • 1 800 324‑1759
09 Jan 2022
Human Resources
8-10 Years
Job Description

Job Description

The successful candidate will be specifically assigned to a mandate of 18 to 24 months for the HR services modernization project. This person will coordinate multidisciplinary contributions and support the HR systems integrator (external resources) in developing strategies and the change plan as well as in carrying out activities. She will actively contribute to all change management deliverables (stakeholder analysis, identification of gaps, impact analysis, leadership alignment strategy, communication and engagement strategy, skills development strategy, etc.) She will carry out, in part, communication activities contributing to change management and prepare various presentations for different bodies.

Provide senior and management with expertise and strategic advice in human resources. Support the advisers and partners of the Human Resources function in the specialized aspects of their project. Ensure the Human Resources component in structuring projects aimed at improving organizational performance by integrating and supervising specialized internal or external resources Support project managers in carrying out, measuring and monitoring these activities aimed at the performance of business units and the HR vice-presidencyCarry out targeted interventions with business partners or with senior or management executives in a field of HR activity: organizational development, labor relations, working conditions, staffing or compensation. Coordinate the deployment and integration of corporate human resources programs for transversal projects or major files.

Support the directors of the HR function in monitoring the implementation of their projects. Participate in the arbitration and planning of HR priorities for the divisions and the company in order to ensure an optimal allocation of resources to different projects and initiatives


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