Manager Network Services
  • Cleburne, United States
  • 888-871-2622
27 Mar 2022
IT & Telecoms
2-4 Years
Job Description

Reimagine the communications and technology that connect the globe by joining AT&T. We're dedicated to people that seek out the unknown and dare to challenge the status quo. Bring your innovative ideas and brave risk-taking to reimagine connectedness and change the way the world exchanges important stories and experiences. When you join AT&T, you won't just imagine the future; you'll help to shape it.

Our top priorities at AT&T Consumer Organization are to serve customers first, grow the business, and protect the team's safety. As a Field Manager in this organization, you will coach and grow a team of talented field technicians to deliver excellent customer support for the installation and repair of our Legacy Broadband and Fiber products at the customer site or at a corporate location. You'll report to a second or third-level manager in this position.

Responsibilities essential:

  • Identifies performance patterns, gaps, and opportunities for coaching, training, growth, and development, as well as recognizing success, in order to manage total team performance.
  • All installation and repair procedures are planned, organized, and directed by this person. Assures that all functions are completed on schedule in order to fulfill customer and corporate deadlines.
  • By reducing impediments, he uses his leadership skills to assist technicians.
  • Time reporting, payroll, and on-call or vacation scheduling are all handled or supported by this position.
  • Conducts safety and quality inspections to verify that technicians perform at a high level of quality and safety.
  • Collaborates with other departments to ensure that technician workloads are efficient and that they are able to meet customer obligations.
  • Working together with Field Teams, Care, and Sales, addresses and resolves customer complaints or service issues.
  • Handles all disciplinary issues and makes recommendations, such as suspension, in accordance with corporate policy and with HR's assistance.
  • On contractual issues, the company collaborates with the union. Receives technician complaints and, when needed, addresses them at the step one level.


  • High school graduation, GED, or similar network experience is required. Although a technical degree is advantageous, it is not essential.


  • 3-5 years of leadership/supervisory and/or technical experience is required.

Environmental Requirements:

As part of its job function, this position may be responsible for assisting AT&T in complying with environmental laws and regulations. Work on fuel tanks, emergency and stand-by generators, boilers, hazardous waste, hazardous materials, batteries, manholes and vaults, water wells, linear and other construction projects, water discharge, or air emissions are examples of this.

A career with us, a global leader in communications and technology, is remunerated handsomely. As a member of our team, you'll be surrounded by industry trailblazers like yourself as you lead transformation. You'll be encouraged to go above and beyond, whether it's through participating in company-sponsored activities or connecting and networking with one of our numerous employee organizations. And no of where you are in your career, the effect that comes with making a difference in the lives of millions will be rewarding. You'll be a part of something bigger with AT&T, and you'll be rewarded with the opportunity to impact the world.

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