Operations Research and Reporting Analyst
  • Plano, United States
  • 1-800-935-9935
09 Apr 2022
2-4 Years
Job Description

The Data Analytics and Reporting Team (DART), which reports to the Consumer and Community Banking (CCB) Chief Operations Officer, delivers analytics and reporting to business partners across Centralized Transaction Operations (CTO). To create automated solutions and give data-driven insights, the DART team employs a diverse technology suite.

Principal Responsibilities

This position will be responsible for supporting day-to-day operations while also recognizing opportunities to improve operational efficiencies by streamlining, automating, and enhancing the information delivered to our business partners.


  • Identifying analytics opportunities with business leaders
  • Identifying data requirements and sources, as well as extraction methods and reporting formats
  • Within CTO, enhanced analytical skills are being developed with an emphasis on improving business decisions and actions.
  • Providing proactive, real-time analytics to improve the customer's experience and decision-making capabilities.
  • With dashboards, we're focusing on closing control gaps, reducing manual controls, automating manual processes, reducing handoffs, and enhancing operational efficiency.


  • Using data mining, data manipulation, and analytics skills to solve business challenges, find opportunities, and develop analytical strategies
  • Using intermediate or complex design analysis to translate high-level operational business needs into actionable intermediate or complex design analysis
  • Implementing analytic initiatives that result in demonstrable improvements in process, product, people, and/or technology
  • Advanced research, analytic tools, and procedures are used to improve corporate results and client happiness.
  • Pursuing opportunities where analytics can have a substantial impact on operational outcomes - where new decisions should be made and/or where significant efficiencies can be realized
  • Understanding the cost-benefit ratio between solution intricacy and practicality, as well as aiming for the quickest and most accurate results possible.
  • Explicitly stating how the impact of study relates to business objectives
  • Presenting recommendations to management and business partners (including business consequences) and deciding on the best way to summarize and visualize the findings
  • This role demands exceptional interpersonal skills, including the ability to establish and manage critical connections, as well as the ability to successfully communicate with team members, clients, and senior executives at their level of analytical/technical expertise.


  • Minimum of three years of expertise using analytics and data mining to generate measurable business gains.
  • A bachelor's degree in business or a closely related subject is required (Economics, Engineering, Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Operations Research, Statistics, Computer Science)
  • Demonstrated experience performing analysis to influence business choices using statistical and/or forecasting approaches
  • Technical knowledge and/or experience with various data visualization and data wrangling technologies (e.g. Tableau) is required (e.g. Python, R, SQL, SAS, Alteryx)
  • Database design, Hadoop data architecture and technologies, and relational database principles are all skills required.
  • Ability to condense findings into short, high-level points tailored toward the audience and visually portray critical facts and findings - excellent verbal and writing communication skills
  • It is necessary to have demonstrated capacity to work well with different departments, colleagues, senior management, and external clients.
  • Strong attention to detail and accuracy - shown ability to deliver high-quality outcomes in a timely manner
  • Demonstrated ability to prioritize and work on numerous projects at the same time with little supervision
  • Preference will be given to those who have worked in the banking business.

Who We Are

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