Operations Safety Specialist
  • Vandalia, United States
  • 1.800.463.3339
27 Mar 2022
Transportation Services
1-2 Years
Job Description

Within a domicile location, the Operations Safety Specialist will function as a safety resource. Delivering safety-related content, education, and activities to the place is your responsibility. Supports and upholds the 'Safety First' culture. Within the local operational environment, develops and customizes safety strategy, initiatives, and programs. Engages, coaches, develops, and trains individuals in the areas of safety and leadership.

Functions That Are Required

  • Inspects work spaces and observes operations to detect, analyze, and eliminate behavioral and environmental dangers. Administers and assesses safety management, auditing, and employee training procedures.
  • Develops site-level advice and quality assurance for the larger behavior-based learning and employee engagement programs; coaches Ops Managers on effective package handler engagement.
  • Using QDM techniques, investigates and assesses root cause decisions on safety issues.
  • Leads and plans the pre/post-sort and building staff meetings' safety sections.
  • Provides all levels of employees with safety orientation and training.
  • Conducts incident investigations and educates others about them.
  • Develops and communicates safety performance to building management, as well as providing recommendations for corrective action plans if necessary.
  • Evaluates and coordinates yard safety improvement initiatives, coordinating yard use between Transportation and Hub/Station to ensure that processes and equipment are optimized, yard safety measures are implemented and followed, and concerns or incidents are investigated for improvement.
  • Establishes, maintains, and strengthens favorable and productive relationships with various enforcement and regulatory bodies.
  • Assists and guides safety and health agency inspections by providing necessary paperwork and identifying safety procedures; collaborates with district/regional and corporate employees to resolve any concerns that arise.


  • A high school diploma or GED is necessary; a bachelor's degree in safety, health, or environmental science, or a related discipline, is desirable.


  • Six (6) months experience in instructor-led training, field operations, or a related field is essential. Working in a safety-focused leadership position is preferred.

Skills, abilities, and/or licensure are required.

  • Certification from ASSP, NSC, OSHA Training Institute, or an Accredited College is preferable.
  • Knowledge of software, such as Microsoft Office and web-based programs.
  • Ability to motivate and empower a team by inspiring a common vision.
  • Ability to establish effective working relationships based on mutual trust, respect, and cooperation.
  • The ability to lead training and/or offer informational sessions to groups and/or individuals requires presentation abilities.
  • Ability to create and interpret appropriate data analysis and interpretation methodologies. To handle many projects, prioritize workload effectively, plan for resources to fulfill deadlines and goals, and respond to day-to-day functional needs, time management and organizational abilities are required.
  • Ability to foresee and recognize problems and offer effective and efficient solutions based on solid judgment and fact-based analysis.
  • Knowledge of FXG Operations ideas, practices, policies, and procedures is preferred.

City: Vandalia State: Ohio Address: 795 Deer Run Road

FXG-US/USA/P454/Dayton Colocation Zip Code: 45377 Domicile Location: FXG-US/USA/P454/Dayton

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