Project Manager (Government)
  • Los Angeles, United States
  • 888-871-2622
08 Feb 2022
2-4 Years
Job Description

We're looking for a hardworking, diligent individual that can travel domestically on short notice to support a contract. Candidates must be able to operate in a high-pressure, fast-paced atmosphere and be willing and capable of working without supervision. Candidate must have prior project management experience in a high-pressure setting. Candidates must be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and willing to travel to support the contract. We're looking for people who have strong work ethics and can work effectively in a virtual office setting. Candidates will spend 75-90 percent of their time traveling across the United States.

Skill Sets Required:

  • Strong history in telecommunications, with a focus on ISP providing, POTS, cable-based circuitry, broadband, and managing multiple installations, as well as extensive testing experience.
  • All Microsoft Office programs are familiar to you (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MS Teams, Outlook and knowledge of Microsoft Access is desired).
  • Candidates must be able to negotiate pricing with various vendors, establish a timeline for services to be installed, integrate, test, troubleshoot, operate, and coordinate repairs for phone and high-speed internet services, and integrate, test, troubleshoot, operate, and coordinate repairs for phone and high-speed internet services (wired & wireless). This covers analogue and digital voice circuits as well as high-speed internet networks offered over Ethernet or wirelessly (Wi-Fi).

Qualifications required:

  • Must have experience managing voice and data circuits as part of a project.
  • Must be available to travel 75–90% of the time, including weekends and holidays.
  • Routers and modems are familiar to you.
  • Be familiar with routers and modems, as well as the ability to make ethernet cables as needed.
  • Must be ready to travel on short notice.
  • Microsoft Office Suite is something I'm very familiar with.
  • Additional Requirements:
  • A good driving record is required.
  • When not deployed, the employee will work from a virtual office.
  • The employee must have a high-speed Internet connection at their home. This service will not be paid for by AT&T; it is a condition of employment. Employees will be given the tools they need to work from a virtual office, including a laptop and a secure token.
  • Candidates in the Los Angeles, New York, Michigan, or Arizona areas are preferred. Employees may be required to visit an AT&T facility on occasion.



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