Staff Pharmacist
  • Melbourne, United States
  • 1-877-987-5352
28 Jan 2022
Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
2-4 Years
Job Description

Life is everything. At CVS Health, its partners are committed to increasing access, reducing costs and improving the quality of care. Millions of times a day, we help people on the road to a better life — from counseling to helping to manage chronic illness.

As a Staff Pharmacist, you play a key role in delivering our mission, modeling our values, and demonstrating genuine, genuine care for our patients. In addition to supporting the Pharmacy Manager in leading and supervising Pharmacy Specialist Support Workers, you are responsible for supporting the management, supervision and operation of all aspects in your pharmacy.

These include:

  • Patient Safety
  • Pharmacy Professional Practice
  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Quality Assurance
  • Customer Service
  • Personnel Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Financial Profitability
  • Loss Prevention
  • Workflow Management

An important part of Staff Pharmacist's role is to keep your clients and patients healthy by adopting and managing patient care programs. In addition,

you will need:

  • Take the Lead - Show empathy and compassion to your patients, customers, caregivers and colleagues in your team
  • Encourage, motivate and improve your Pharmacy Support Staff by balancing assignments that increase the capacity of your colleagues, address development opportunities and reduce knowledge gaps.
  • • Identify important business opportunities and contribute to the development of effective solutions to enhance growth and improve the performance of your pharmacy.
  • Effectively implement those solutions by leading your team to achieve specific goals
  • Practice changing and adjusting programs to succeed in a dynamic community health care facility
  • Look for new ways to grow, work with others and bring better results
  • Purposefully target others for support and commitment
  • Participate enthusiastically in a ‘group’ culture that promotes caring, energy, enthusiasm and pride
  • Use the information gained to help drive healthy results and differentiate CVS from competitors
  • The above represents a summary of the duties of Staff Pharmacist. Additional activities and physical needs are available in the full job description.

Required Qualifications

  • Active Pharmacy License in the state in which you are employed
  • Not on the DEA Excluded Parties List.
  • Immunization Certification through an accredited organization (e.g., APhA)
  • No pending felony charges or convictions for criminal offenses involving controlled substances

Preferred Qualifications

  • Education
    Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy or Pharm. D. degree

Business Summry

At CVS Health, we are united by a common goal: to help people on their way to a better life. We are working to transform health care by using new features that make quality care more accessible, easier to use, less expensive and more patient-centered. By working together and planning closer to each other, we are opening up a whole new way of life that puts people at heart.

We strive to promote and maintain a culture of diversity, inclusion and diversity on a daily basis. CVS Health is an equal opportunity and employer for verification action. We do not discriminate on the basis of recruitment, recruitment or promotion based on race, nationality, gender / sexual orientation, gender identity, sexual orientation or expression, age, disability or status protected by veteran or any other institution or feature prohibited by applicable government, state, or local law. We proudly support and encourage experienced military personnel (veterans, veterans, soldiers and State Security) and military allies to apply for CVS Health job opportunities.


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